Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinner Out

Many thanks to my IL's who kept the kids last night while Jason and I had an evening out.  We decided on Cinghiale in Harbor East late in the week after we second guessed ourselves on another restaurant that we were reading mixed reviews of and that most people said it was way over priced.  Plus, we've been visiting the Wolf/Foreman restaurants for years and have yet to have a negative experience.  We went to Cinghiale a few years ago on Valentine's Day but because it was a special day they had a prix fixe we said we had wanted to go back another time when we have full selection of the menu. (It was on that visit that I had something that I generally consider to be one of the best things I ever ate - something with grilled baby octopus and roasted fingerling potatoes.)  And this visit was just as wonderful!  Good wine, good food and a nice atmosphere.  We both did the 4 course prix fixe but really, it's not a true prix fixe since you have almost full selection of the menu.  The best thing I ate all night was "Toç in Braide – Soft Polenta, Snails, Asiago, Parsley Butter Sauce."  OMG.  The grilled octopus as my first course was delicious (a little different from what I had last time) as was the branzino for my main course, but that polenta dish still has my mouth watering.  I also added the wine pairings with my courses and was totally in love with what they selected for me. A variety of reds and whites that were just perfect.  Jason went for a Pinot Noir for his whole meal.

I went a little off course for my dessert than I usually do - I generally choose something chocolate but went for a pistachio and cherry gelate combination that was light and delicious.  My dessert wine that went along with it was perfect too - some kind of fizzy, sweeter red wine that I cannot remember what it was called.

I really like Cinghiale and considering that two of the best things I've ever eaten have been that that restaurant, I know we'll eventually go back again.

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