Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baking Soda to the Rescue!

Okay parents, admit it.  How many of you have thrown out or gotten rid of some of your kids' toys without them knowing about it?  I openly admit to late night toy purges whether just to put them down in the basement or to put them in the donate or trash pile.  Quite honestly if I didn't, my house would be overrun with crap.  First things that generally catch my eye are toys they no longer play with or have outgrown - those are easy.  Next comes the things that are clearly trash like dried out markers, broken crayons, used up sketch pads and coloring books, broken little toys or ones missing parts.  Again, pretty easy.  The next category, well, this is the one that's harder and where I've had the occasional burn.  Cheap, crappy, little toys.  You know, dollar bin toys, kids meal toys, or random junk they've literally picked up off the ground outside.  (Rocks, glass beads, shells....)

The other day after the kids left for my IL's for the night, I went and did a quick sweep through the playroom.  I picked up this cheap, thin plastic construction hat that Piper had gotten a few months back and was now cracked and started putting some random trash into it; mostly paper scraps and a few other random pieces.  I saw this little tiny stuffed bear that I assumed came out of some kind of junk bag that Caroline had gotten at school or something like that and added it to my little pile of trash and that was that.

Yesterday, Caroline came home and asked me if I'd seen some little bear that she had gotten in a Happy Meal with Aunt Kelly a few weeks ago.  Nope, no idea.  Then I saw why she was looking for it - my mom had taken them to lunch that day and in her Happy Meal she had gotten another little bear and instantly I realized what I had thrown away two days before.  I said something secretly to Jason and he said that it was probably still in the kitchen trash because we hadn't really eaten at the house on Saturday evening or Sunday.  When no one was looking, I did a quick scoop and, ew, there it was.  Smelling like rancid coffee grinds and well, garbage.  In a flash, I pulled out a plastic bag, filled it with baking soda, threw the bear in, shook it around and threw it under the kitchen sink.  Caroline continued to walk around whining looking for this other bear because her new bear needed a friend.  I told her I would help her to look for it after dinner.

As Jason and I cleaned up dinner, I pulled the bear out, shook off the baking soda and found that the bear no longer had a bad smell.  Man, an hour in baking soda can cure some serious funk!  I then stashed it in the baby doll clothes trunk and asked Caroline if she'd looked there.  She said she had but I doubted it was very well.  So, I told Bryce to look.  Of course he didn't find it.  So I stuck my hand in and there it was.  Magic!  Mommy saves the day.

I kind of felt a little bit guilty about it.  "Saving" the day yet I was the one that almost threw it away.  But I didn't want to admit to it because then she might realize how much other crap I get rid of when no one is looking.   I also know that these two little bears will only hold her attention for a few more weeks and then will be replaced by some other oh so cute little creature and these bears will be forgotten.  So I guess it's just delayed purging, but this time I will probably take the safer route of putting them on hold in the basement for a bit before actually getting rid of them.  Just to be safe.


Erin said...

OMG. This is my life too...


Anonymous said...

I use to do the same things with you and your siblings' "treasures"...probably more often than you even..HEHEHE!