Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Always Pulled Together

Caroline is always just so pulled together in her outfits.  Here she is this morning in what I like to call "An Ode to Valentine's Day a Few Days Early."  Notice the jumper coordinated with fuchsia leggings and top. Add the boot, a coordinating headband and heart earrings and you've got the complete package.  And this was all pulled together by 6:45am this morning.  Why she gets up so early and dressed right away, I'm not sure, but I certainly like the fact that she's not waiting until the last minute since she is so particular about the way she looks.

I've become more and more amazed at what she coordinates because, as shown by an outfit like this, she puts things together that were not purchased specifically to go with the other.  My MIL made the jumper last year and the shirt and leggings were bought at different times.  She always takes so much pride in her outfit pairings.  And yes, I already have started to rely on her for her opinion when I'm not sure if something looks okay.  (She really likes when I wear scarves!)

How did I birth a fashionista?  It's certainly not in my blood although I admit I would like a little more fashion know how from time to time.  Maybe she can teach me a thing or two.

Oh and for kicks, here's an example of how her fashion sense has evolved over the years.

October 2005

January 2006

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