Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I seemed to finally have succumbed to the cold that the kids, Jason and my MIL had.  Yesterday, I woke up feeling mostly fine but my nose started running like a faucet.  (Jason and my MIL's had done the same a few days before.)  By the end of the day (my MLK day off with the kids), I was feeling cold, achy and tired.  As I laid down to go to sleep, I started getting stuffy.  I should have gotten up, put on the humidifier and taken some nasal spray.  But I didn't and slept a terrible sleep having to breathe through my mouth.  Blech.  I am NOT a mouth breather.  I slept miserably and knew upon going to bed that my new treadmill was going to have to wait another day.

I woke up feeling rough, took some ibuprofen and went to work.  Got there, still felt rough and decided to get some work done and see how I felt.  I managed to make it until noon (and got a lot done) but then came home.  My MIL and Piper were here and when I'm in the house, Piper can't stay away.  I know that if I was really sick I would have laid down but instead I sat and talked to my MIL (we never get to talk enough) and then she took Piper up for her nap.  At which point I thought I'd try again to use the public library's online book borrowing site - fruitless!  Limited selection and not enough copies of books - every book I was slightly interested in reading had a wait list of at least 6 people!

Sandy went and got the kids from school while Piper slept and in they came!  Noisy as all get out and fighting as they walked in the door.  Piper promptly woke up.  As they got started on their homework, I told my MIL to go ahead and go.  She told them to behave for me.  Ha ha.

In the 15 minutes after she left, Piper had an accident and pooped on the floor in the bathroom and then found a stamper in Bryce's room and covered herself and some of her furniture in stamps.  Here's a picture of her face - notice the Hitler mustache and eye shadow.  She had lots of them on her arms and legs too.  Rascal!  I swear I thought we had gotten rid of all of our stamps.

Now the kids are in bed.  I'm tired but not ready for bed.  Still can't breathe but will be doing what I didn't do last night.  Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow.  I shouldn't complain though - I haven't had a true head cold in over a year.

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Katie said...

Bummer on getting sick. I feel like we have been sick since Christmas.