Friday, January 20, 2012

Sticker Credit

I have to give my friend, Binnie, credit for introducing us to her sticker system without realizing it.  On New Years Eve at their house, she kept talking about how her kids were saving up their stickers for all kind of things.  When I inquired what that meant, she showed me their sticker charts and how they are using them as rewards for things.  I started immediately thinking how we could use this system in our house.  I didn't even realize that it's pretty close to the incentive system they use at Caroline and Bryce's school until Jason pointed it out.  Stickers are just easier to keep track of!

So now the kids get stickers for a job well done whether that be for helping around the house, good behavior or conquering something that they are having a hard time with.  I realize that we are at the beginning of this but so far it is motivating them.  Last night, they cleaned the playroom without even complaining.  I'm telling you folks, this does NOT happen in my house.  Cleaning the playroom generally results in lots of yelling and crying. Well, that's not the complete truth - Bryce did his share of yelling and crying last night but it was because he didn't get to clean up as much as he wanted.  HA!  On Wednesday night, upon mentioning that stickers would be given for collecting all the trash in the house, Caroline and Bryce practically knocked one another down getting all the trash gathered.  We're also using the stickers to reward Piper for changing into underwear as soon as she wakes up instead of sitting around in a pull-up.

As for what to use the stickers for, well stickers buy things such as Wii time, computer time, or to play a game on mine or Jason's phone.  I was debating about using them to buy TV time too but they really only watch TV at times when I WANT them to watch TV.  You know, like when you're making dinner or you're trying to read the paper on a weekend morning.  So maybe for a movie in the middle of the day on a weekend.

And bigger "prizes?"  Caroline and Bryce are currently trying to save up 10 stickers each to have a slumber party in their sleeping bags together - it might actually happen tonight.  At 20 stickers, they can earn $5 to use at Target or maybe even a trip for a treat at Sonic but 20 stickers is a LOT to save up for. Of course, Caroline keeps asking what she'd get for 100 stickers.  I told her we'll reassess when she gets to 50.

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