Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Piper Kisses

Boy oh boy does Piper like to give kisses.  Piper is such an affectionate, cuddly little girl and most of the time I love it.  Most of the time.  She's very liberal with giving out her hugs and kisses to the people she loves and she loves a LOT of people.  But lately she's been doing some funny kisses.

The Flat Kiss - I get this one most often when we're laying in bed after reading a book. She'll tell me to keep my lips "flat" and then kiss me on them.

The Bumped Up Kiss - This is the kiss you get after you've been given a flat kiss - as in "Now, bump your lips up, mommy" and then she kisses you.

The I'm Gonna Get Myself Out of Trouble Kiss - Piper has started giving these kisses when she knows she's in trouble or wants to make you laugh.  A few weeks back she had an accident at nap time (before she had gone to sleep) and when my MIL asked her why she hadn't gotten up to go to the bathroom, Piper said "I just lazy" and then took my MIL's face between her hands, planted a giant kiss on her lips while squeezing her face and staring directly into her eyes.  All Sandy could do was try not to laugh.  Piper's pulled this intense kiss on me a few times too and it's pretty hard not to laugh when she's staring directly into your eyes with those big brown eyes and looking so intense as if to say "You WILL forget why you're mad at me!!"    Sandy said it reminded her of how my BIL, Jeremy, used to hug her when he was in trouble.  Must be a third kid thing....

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