Saturday, January 07, 2012

Nice Wakeup

Piper woke up with some crud in her throat on Tuesday and I knew what that meant - some kind of cold/virus had infected us again.  She sounded bad but surprisingly she was fine that day.  She continued to be gunky but acting like herself the rest of the week but it did seem like the cold was getting worse.  Then this morning at 5:45am, she came into our room crying because she wanted a drink.  I had stayed up reading until midnight so that was NOT appreciated on my part.  I got her a little cup of water and she went back to bed.  I was hoping to go back to sleep but that didn't happen because she came back into our room crying, "I have a BBBBAAAADDD cold!"  I got up and felt her head and could tell she had a fever, albeit not a high one.  She continued her crying and hollering and I took her into the bathroom.  She sat down on the floor while I got out medicine and said her stomach hurt and she let out a huge burp.  Within seconds she was barfing.  Sweet.

Thankfully, there was no food left in her belly so it was just the water she'd had and it was only on the bathroom floor - an easy clean up.  But because of her fever, she was in an extraordinarily bad mood and kept on crying and refusing everything.  She said her stomach felt better and I gave her some meds and took her downstairs in fresh pajamas.  We covered the couch in old towels and I gave her some Gatorade.  And thankfully, she dozed back off.  I even laid down in the living room and fell asleep for a short bit.

When she woke up she felt fine and is just snotty.  I'm pretty sure that the barfing is just a combination of the fever, her sensitive stomach, and lots of phlegm.  She ate some breakfast and has been fine.  I'll take most any typical illness over a stomach virus!  We'll probably lay low today and I will make sure she takes a nap.  Kids are watching Return of the Jedi so they've been happy so far but I'm still kind of tired - who wants to bet I don't get a nap!

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