Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Tradition

On New Year's Day while I was fixing dinner, I had a thought.  Maybe we need a new New Year's Day tradition.  I was making a new pasta dish and while there wasn't anything truly special about it, I thought maybe I could make it a little more special. So just as I was finishing up making dinner, I had Jason and the kids go down in the basement so I could set up the "surprise."  Of course that made the kids go bonkers trying to guess what it was.

While they were down in the basement, I got out my great grandmother's (given to me by my grandmother) china and my wedding crystal.  I got out the candlesticks and the tablecloth and cloth napkins - things we almost NEVER use.  I put on some jazz music, turned down the lights, lit the candles and VOILA!  Instant atmosphere.  I was even going to let the kids drink their sparkling drinks out of wine glasses.  I didn't bother ironing the tablecloth even though it really needed it and I realized when I got out the candles the only tapers I had were these funny, colored drippy ones, but they served their purpose and I'll get some plain ones for next time.

I called the kids up and as expected they were excited.  Although the excitement wasn't enough to get them to really eat their dinner but they did really like it and want to do it again.  Next time I'll plan a little bit better and actually have more than a pasta dish - maybe an appetizer and some bread or something.

I didn't think to take a photo until dessert so most of the dishes had been cleared away:

It also reminded me that I really do need to get all the pieces to my grandmother's china in my possession.  When she gave it to me right after we got married, I found a company that has replacement pieces and i ordered a few little bowls and plates that had broken.  I'd really like to get a few more pieces including soup/salad bowls since the tiny little bowls that I have are quite small.

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