Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hungry Reader

Caroline is a voracious reader.  Voracious!  The girl is a reading machine.  I bought her the 5 book Judy Blume Fudge series for her birthday - done before Christmas.  Sandy got her the 10 book Judy Moody set for Christmas - she's already through 5 of them.  I'm trying to think what to have her read next.  I know they'll be reading Stuart Little in school in the coming weeks which her teacher says can be a bit of a challenge, but I'm thinking it will be perfect for her.  I've noticed her comprehension and abilities have been steadily increasing.

I even told Jason last night that maybe she should spend some of her birthday/Christmas money on a Kindle. I'm loving mine so much that I know she'd love it too.  And maybe we could take advantage of the Kindle book lending system through our public library.  I haven't had much luck with it since all the books I want to read have a waitlist but it might be different for kids books since she wouldn't be reading brand new books.

Anyone have any good series suggestions for a 3rd/4th grade level reader?


Laura W. said...

Has she already tackled the Little House on the Prairie series? I also remember reading the Bobbsey Twins series and the Ramona Quimby books, though I can't remember how old I was when I was reading those.

Erika said...

I read the Ramona books with at bedtime her back when she wasn't quite ready to read them herself - I'm cursing myself now because they would have been a great read on her own!

Remember the Babysitter Club books? Do they still even publish them? There was like 100 of them and I remember my sister and I devouring them.

Lauren said...

I love(d) any Judy Blume book!
I was just going to recommend the Babysitters Club books (like Erika said above)! I read all of them - at least 5 times each. That and Sweet Valley High (and Twins). I'm pretty sure that I was reading them when I was in 3rd grade or so (maybe not Sweet Valley High that young) and probably still continued to re-read them in high school. :)

Krissy said...

I'm struggling with this a little too, except I don't know my way around the boy side of the books. I would suggest the same books as Lauren from my past. In addition, I loved the Nancy Drew series. We bought the series of Magic Tree House after reading them at the library for Trevor, he rereads ALL of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, and I know he's just a year or two away from starting on the Harry Potter books. You may want to check with her teacher? I know our teachers recommended a ton as they are more in touch with the current favorites in their classrooms.

Lisa :-) said...

Has she ever read the Magic Tree house books? My kids always enjoyed them ;-)