Tuesday, January 10, 2012


All 3 kids now have the crud that Piper had (and still has) last week.  Although Caroline and Bryce seem to be tolerating it a little better than Piper was (e.g. no middle of the night tantrum wake ups or barfing).  Even my poor MIL succumbed to it this weekend so I'm crossing my fingers that Jason and I can avoid it.  For once, Caroline isn't all "woe is me" because her nose isn't stuffed up - just coughing and congestion.  When that girl has a stuffy nose though, watch out - she's a beast.

The only thing that this crud has demonstrated is that having only one cool mist humidifier probably isn't enough.  My mom had 2 when we were kids (my sister and I shared a room when we were younger) and now I know why - because kids get sick at the same time!  Unfortunately, my mom got rid of both of hers and I'm left with one.  And I just noticed last night ours is sort of broken so who knows how much longer it will keep working.

I really don't want to buy a second one though - they are just another thing to store and aren't used that often.  But when something like this strikes it's nice not to have to play Sophie's Choice with the singular humidifier we have.  Piper got it the first night but then it seemed Caroline has needed it more the past 2 nights.  I'm thinking maybe Bryce will get a turn this evening.

I'm not complaining though - they really aren't that sick and everyone is in decent spirits.  Piper complained a little about her ear on Sunday but that has since dissipated and she's definitely on the mend.

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Katie said...

I went out and bought a new humidifier when I was sick, only to find our TWO old ones in a box the very next week. I knew that would happen! Haven't used them since we moved! Now we have three, but not such a bad thing, I guess. Hope everyone feels better fast!