Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why No One is Getting a Christmas Card

The past 2 years, I've gotten the most beautiful, happy, sweet photos of my kids for Christmas card photos.  I know that the reason they turned out so well was because they happened randomly and organically.  They were in good moods, I wasn't actually trying to get a photo - it just happened.

Fast forward to this year and you have the photo above.  I sat the kids down for the sole purpose of getting a Christmas card photo.  BIG mistake.  Huge. I took like 50 photos in the span of about 7 minutes and they were all borderline disaster.  My lighting was kind of bad and I really could have done a better job with that (and photoshopping would have helped had I gotten a good shot), but that said, my subjects were worse.  Caroline was actually trying though, so I give her credit.  She's the one that truly wants to take a photo for our cards.  She's starting to understand that we get cards/photos from others and wants to return the greeting.  Bryce and Piper, on the other hand, have no concept.  Piper wouldn't stop moving or doing weird things like throwing a Santa back and forth over her head.  And then there's Bryce. Ah, Bryce.  He's a typical 6 year old boy, I believe.  When he would "smile" it was a harsh, ugly grinned aimed at basically telling me that he wasn't going to smile nicely no matter what I did.  Bug off, mom!!  And then he started messing with his sisters which made it even worse.  I kept snapping hoping that maybe, just maybe a good one would result.

So here we are with a little over a week until Christmas and I've got nothing.  Jason said I could just do individual photos from earlier in the year but that's just not my style.  I want a new photo.  NEW!  The kids change so much that a photo from summer isn't recent enough for my personal taste.  I have said aloud a few times that I guess we just aren't doing a Christmas card this year and Caroline gets kind of upset.  Last night I came up with a fun/silly idea for a photo that maybe even Bryce would be interested in but when I proposed it to Bryce this morning it was met with a look that said "You're so lame, mom."  Then he said he would just sit off to the side and I could take photos of the girls.  I told him I would take his photo, color it green and say he's the Grinch.  I can tell he get some joy and pleasure of throwing a wet blanket on my ideas these days.

Maybe something will magically happen at Christmas and I'll send out a New Year's card.  But I'm not banking on it.

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