Friday, December 30, 2011

Touché, Piper

Piper dressed herself this morning, but I didn't see the front of her until I got downstairs. Then I got a good look at her and I noticed she was wearing a Santa shirt that made its way back into her drawer after being washed instead of being put away for next year (it's a little big).  When she made a point to show and tell me she'd gotten herself dressed, I said, "That's great, Piper, but why are you wearing a Santa shirt?  Christmas is over."

And without missing a beat, she looks at me, kind of gives me some attitude and says,

"Well, why do you still have up all your Christmas lights up?"

She laughed and then just walked off......

Piper - 1  Mommy - 0

1 comment:

Bracken said...

Love her!! That is too cute.