Sunday, December 18, 2011

Late Night Baking with Chef Caroline

I had some additional baking I wanted to get done on Friday night after the kids went to bed and I decided to get some alone time with Caroline at the same time.  Normally, she's not that into baking with me when I bake and now I know why.  She hates baking with her siblings - which I can totally understand.  Bryce and Piper completely monopolize the process and fights break out every.single.time.  So on Friday afternoon, I went up to her room after school and proposed the idea of a secret baking night.  She loved it!  She loved that we pretended she was going down complete with us nagging her to get into her pajamas and quiet down to read.  Thankfully, Bryce and Piper passed out quickly and before long she was downstairs and we were getting set to make Butter Brickle Biscotti.  

In between helping me with the mixing steps, she would go in and sit and watch Pawn Stars with Jason.  She was just enjoying the time without competition and complete attention.  Because it was only her helping me mix and she's more competent at measuring, I was able to let her do a lot of the mixing and dumping.  With Bryce and Piper they can't do much without a complete mess.  I also enjoyed the fact that she can read everything AND she understands the notion of 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 in terms of measuring.  I taught her the difference between a teaspoon and tablespoon and showed her how easy it is to measure butter.  Finally the biscotti was in the oven and she got to enjoy a cup from my secret stash of soy nog.

We then mixed up a new recipe for peppermint chocolate cookies, but they had to be refrigerated over night so we didn't get to bake them.  Then she helped me put the chocolate icing swirls on all of my biscotti that I had baked a few weeks ago that had been in the freezer.  Finally, by 10pm, all the baking was done and she went off to bed happy.  We asked her to keep the secret from her siblings or they might expect the same treatment, but Bryce just told me that she told him about her baking adventures.  I'm not that surprised though - she enjoyed it so much she just HAD to brag about it to him.

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