Thursday, December 08, 2011

Inside Out Pajamas

Caroline came home from school yesterday telling me that she would be wearing her pajamas inside out, putting ice on the porch, and keeping her fingers crossed so that we would get enough snow to close school on Thursday.  I guess they had a whole discussion about it in school that afternoon.  She was so excited about it and I enjoyed seeing how into it she was with these old superstitions.  I remember that excitement with the possibility of snow and hoping for a school closing and then waking up to find nothing!

This morning I found her sitting on a stool and looking out the window with a frown on her face at the lack of snow on the ground.  I told her that it's only December and we've got plenty of time for snow.  I'm sure she'd like a little snow for Christmas and I can't say I'd mind.  At least the temperatures have gotten down to normal and it actually feels like December.  Now I might actually want to take a Christmas card photo since the kids aren't wearing short sleeves.

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