Monday, December 05, 2011

Cough, Cough, Hack

Poor Jason has been coughing for 4 days now.  I think he has had the flu.  He had a fever Friday through Sunday and body aches.  We all got the flu shot/mist but this was the first time he'd gotten it in 7 years (the kids and I have all had it each year).  Last week, the kids and I all had a yuck-o cold with some cough and congestion, but nothing terrible.  When Jason started feeling bad, he figured he was getting the cold too but instead he got sicker.  I was talking to my PhD biochemist friend and she was saying that he probably just didn't have a great immunity built up because it was his first flu shot in years.  And it's clear he didn't get the full blown flu as he's on the mend now and didn't get intense fevers/aches. I feel bad for the guy - I slept in Piper's bed on Saturday night (while she was away) and he slept on the couch on Friday.  Once he settled down last night he slept without much coughing but I did convince him to take the day off today (Monday) to rest - which he did and he's feeling better.

Soooo glad we got the flu shot/mist!!  Hope you got yours too!

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