Friday, December 02, 2011

Kid Christmas Gifting

Thought I'd share the main gifts the kids are getting for Christmas this year since the last time I posted about it I was completely without ideas!  (I didn't get most of these things from TRU, it's just the easiest to link to them - had much better prices and I have free shipping with them - score!)

Password Journal - an 8 year old's dream - you can keep your brother out!
Headband Making Kit - the girl LOVES headbands lately - I thought she'd like jazzing up a few on her own
20Q - I got one of these for each Caroline and Bryce - it's some kind of magic game where it knows what you're thinking. At least that's how they told me about it - they are amazed and I figured with that amazement factor might go some fighting, so getting them each one will be more fun for all of us.
Lego Harry Potter Wii game - this is actually for her birthday, but I'm excited to give it to her because she's been jealous of Bryce's Star Wars Lego Wii game.  This one is for books 1-4 which is perfect since those are the books she's read.  I really like the Lego Wii games - great for their age group and fun to play with a grownup.  (Did I mention that I like to play the Wii Lego games when the kids aren't around?)

Millennium Falcon - The boy is into Star Wars so how could we NOT get him this?  Yay for Star Wars!
Hexbug Habitat - These are nifty toys and Bryce likes bugs!  
Lego Batman Wii game - He's way into superheros too - so this should go over well.  The only issue we might have is that we only have one Wii so playtime will continue to be monitored and shared.  

Tangled Dress Up Dress - it's purple, it's a Disney princess, it's for dress up.  That's about it!
Loving Family Mobile Home - Caroline got the Loving Family doll house when she was 3 and it has now been passed down to Piper.  Piper plays with it a LOT and I'm so excited to give her this.  It just expands the play time for that awesome toy.  I also got her 2 more rooms of furniture.  The Loving Family will finally have a TV - Caroline has been saying that since she got it five years ago.
Nickelodeon Wii Fit - This is cool because it uses the balance board too and Piper always wants to use it and we don't have things she can do on it.  This will be fun for her to do with Nana on their days at home together.  Who doesn't want to get fit with Dora and Diego?

I also got all 3 kids a Disney plush - Mickey for Bryce and a different Minnie Mouse for each of the girls. I thought these would be fun to have along on our Disney trip in April.  And they'll look super cute hanging out of their stockings on Christmas morning. 

I actually finished up my shopping for them this morning online so, except for some stocking stuffers, I managed to get all their shopping done without a trip to the store.  It's gotten exceedingly easier since they actually know what they want now.  Yahoo for that!

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