Friday, December 23, 2011

All Set

The gifts are all bought and wrapped.  The baking is done and the food shopping is complete.  All that's left is to make the fruit salad for Christmas Eve brunch tonight and relax.  Oh that and try to breath through the kids' very boisterous excitement.  All three of them are sooooooo excited.  Caroline had pajama day at school and knew she'd be spending the whole day having fun.  (Bryce's teacher was trying to keep them busy until the afternoon for their party and movie.)  Both of them were bouncing off the walls this morning and finally they went outside and ran up and down the street a few times.  I was thankful to have the yelling on the outside of my house rather than inside for a few moments.

Jason is getting off of work about now and I've been off since Wednesday afternoon so we are in full on vacation mode through January 2.  I am so grateful for working in higher ed for so many reasons but this time of year especially since we close down with paid leave until after the new year.

This morning on my last holiday errand Piper and I ran into the grocery store to get fresh fruit.  As we walked out and I was picking up my bags out of the cart a man was standing there smoking.  Mind you we were standing VERY close to him and Piper was talking quite loudly.

"Mommy, why is that man smoking? WHY?"

I just continued getting my bags and pretending I didn't hear her.

"Mommy!  What is that guy making that smoke?  It stinks!"

"Why is that man smoking?!?!?!!?!??"

At that point I grabbed her hand to walk to the car and she's standing there holding her nose looking at him.  Sweet.

I had a good laugh out of that when I got into the car though.  I'm glad my kids are so anti-smoking already and hopefully it will carry into their teenage years.

So onto Christmas and the merry making!  Santa is warming up that sleigh and feeding those reindeer!

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