Friday, December 02, 2011

8 Year Birthday Plans

Caroline turns 8 on Sunday.  Eight.  EIGHT!  OMG, Eight!  8 is like totally old.  OLD.  How is it possible that I will have an 8 year old kid?  Geez.

Anyhow, the weekend is all planned out and I managed to escape yet another year without a birthday party.  The thing that makes Caroline the happiest in the world right now is spending time with her BFF, Sophia.  So, naturally, a happy birthday for Caroline would include her.   The festivities will begin Saturday afternoon when Sophia comes to our house and then I will be taking the birthday queen and Sophia for pedicures at a local nail place that my mom frequents.  My mom treated Caroline to a pedicure last year and Caroline just loved it.  Then I will be taking the newly polished girls to dinner at Bertucci's - Caroline's absolute favorite which I think is mostly because they give the kids a wad of dough to play with while they wait for their food to come out.  Even though she's eight, I'm pretty sure she'll still be ordering from the kids' menu - thank goodness, she's not that grown up.  I predict she'll order their macaroni and cheese.  (At least Bertucci's actually makes real mac and cheese instead of using the Kraft variety.)

And then finally, maybe after a stop at Yogi Castle, we'll head back to our house where the girls will watch a Selena Gomez movie (both of their fav) and then Sophia will spend the night.  My MIL already offered to have Bryce and Piper up to her house for the night, so aside from the fact that Caroline will have her friend over, she'll have peace!  (The last time Sophia was over for the night it was a bit crazy since her being there overly excited the younger kids and it made me a little stressed out - and Sophia is an ultra calm/chill kid.)

I'm sure I'll be making pancakes for Ms. Birthday to start her actual day and then later in the afternoon, we'll have some family over and have dinner and cake to put the birthday weekend to bed.  Whew!  Now if she doesn't feel special and loved after a weekend like that, I don't know what more I could do?

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