Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today is my 35th birthday.  Kind of surreal because of how well I remember my dad's 35th birthday.  It was April 1985 and I was eight years old (just like Caroline).  It was abnormally hot for mid-April and just the day before my mom had confided in me that she was throwing my dad a surprise party for his 35th birthday.  Wow.  My dad is 35, I remember thinking.  Is that old?  I wasn't sure.  I remember her telling me that my cousins from PA were also going to be coming which was VERY exciting for me and that she wasn't telling my younger siblings the exciting news until after my dad left for work the morning of his birthday because she knew they wouldn't be able to keep a secret.

Like I said, it was a warm nigh and the house was packed!  So much excitement in the air - this was my first surprise party.  I remember the roar of the guests when my dad walked in.  I remember being elated to surprise him and to show him that his brother and his wife/kids had come all the way from PA.  I just remember what a great party it was.  I also remember the semi-risque cake my mom made for him to celebrate.  Ha ha ha!

Maybe because I remember that particular birthday so well is why it is so surreal turning 35 today.  I also remember that 20 years ago for my 15th birthday, my mom threw me a wonderful surprise party.  Hard to believe it's been 20 years.  Where does the time go?

But even so, birthdays always give me a moment to stop and realize how grateful I am for all the things in my life.  Turning 35 sounds like a milestone but I'm okay with it because I'm happy where I am at 35.  And thank goodness 40 is still five years away....

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