Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ugh, Lifetouch

I know that I don't have to tell Erin this, but Lifetouch SUCKS!  Thankfully the issue isn't with a terrible photo of either of the kids, it's with their inability to fulfill my order as ordered!!!

I went to school this morning to attend Caroline's honor roll awards ceremony (kindergartners aren't eligible) and as luck would have it, both teachers saw me and thought to hand me the kids' photos.  YAY for not stuffing them in their backpacks!  I was wondering when they'd be given to us given the fact that this is around the same time as the two previous years and randomly we got the "Safety Cards" with a thumbnail preview of their photo a few weeks ago.  (To put in our wallets in case our kid would ever go missing.)  I already kind of knew what to expect based on those, but the real version was much better for each of them.  Bryce's smile is a little forced, but still cute.  I'm not looking for perfection in their photos since that's kind of part of the whole "school photo" thing.

Anyway, I looked in Caroline's package and was pretty sure I was missing two 5x7 I had ordered additionally.  Then I looked in Bryce's package. His was missing all four of the 5x7s, all the mini-wallets, and 4 of the regular wallets.  WTH?  Thankfully though, because the teachers gave them to me this morning rather than me getting them when I got home, I was able to call the second I got to work to straighten things out.

While the woman on the phone was nice and fairly helpful, it took a while to figure the packages out.  I had email receipts since I'd paid online ahead of time and knew my total but the receipt didn't have exactly what I'd ordered in terms of the package name.  But because I order the SAME thing every year, I knew what I should have had (one 8x10, four 5x7, etc).  I always order the extra 5x7s because that is what I give to the great grandmothers.  I get so annoyed at how little wiggle room you have with their packages though because I need extra 8x10s for the grandmothers too.  And when you have to order them AFTER the pictures come in, they are more expensive.

So after being on the phone for a bit, we finally got it figured out and they are sending me the missing photos.  Of course she told me it would take 2-3 weeks.  WTH? (again)

I guess the only redeeming things out of this is this year with each portrait package you get a $20 Shutterfly credit so I have $40 to spend there and might get some extra little photo prezzies for the grandmothers.  I also went and filled out the Lifetouch survey and let them have a piece of my mind and got a decent JCPenney portrait coupon which is great because we've been wanting to do a family portrait and will do so after the holidays.

At least it's cleared up, but they are just so aggravating.  I know I could take them to JCPenney cheaper but I like that whole "school photo" look you get from an in-school photo.  I'll scan them and post them later.  I'm really happy with Caroline's (the hair came out fine!) and Bryce's is cute even if it's not his most natural smile.

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Heather said...

I feel your frustration.