Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treating On Crack

Whew.  It's November 1st and I feel like I have a Halloween Hangover.  I didn't drink nor did I eat that much candy, but I just feel kind of blech.  I'm just kind of worn out and would love to have a day just to lay around.  Yeah right, when does that ever happen for a mom with 3 kids?  The last time I truly got to lay around all day was when I had strep throat. Oh the luxury!!!

Anyhow, I worked a half day and then left and ran home to scarf down some lunch and then head up to Caroline and Bryce's school.  In the past, I only had one kid at the school so it was easy and guilt free.  Not so much anymore.  I had already committed to helping Ms. A in Caroline's class so as I was walking in, there was Bryce's class coming out of the cafeteria and Ms. R kept telling him to "look sad" so I would come and help his class.  Talk about mom guilt!  Ha!  She was just joking around but I know she was hoping I'd be able to help.  I told her that I would try to go back and forth between classes - how could I not looking at Bryce's little puppy dog face???  

I got into C's class and helped get the girls into their costumes.  When Ms. A said this was the fastest she's ever gotten the kids into their costumes and had a few unexpected parents show up, I ran down the hall to help Bryce's class.  You can guess that a group of kindergartners needed more help getting into their costumes. Actually the hardest part was getting their shoes back on!  Then the costume parade around the perimeter of the school began and everyone was in happy mode.  After that was over, we went back into the school for the party.  I went back and forth helping both teachers and then helped Caroline's class get their regular clothes back on.  (For some reason, their school mandates that kids cannot go home in costumes for whatever reason - I know it's not a county policy because Ms. A's son brought home a letter saying to expect them to come home in costumes.  Weird.)

I was glad to help in both classrooms but man, it's hard wanting to be in both places.  I can't imagine when there are 3 of them in the same school.  I'm already thinking ahead to American Education Week in a few weeks.  Thankfully 2nd grade and kindergarten have their "special day" on the same day so we'll split the morning between both their classrooms.  But I digress...

We got home from school and met my mom and Piper.  Piper had her weekly morning at Marshy Point and they'd had a Halloween party there which she'd enjoyed.  I heated up some chili I had in the freezer from a few weeks ago and waited for Jason to get home.  At dinner none of the kids were thrilled at the dinner selection but I made them eat enough to have some candy later.  The amount they ate determined how much I'd let them have.  Surprisingly they all ate a "whole" bowl - or at least as much as I gave them.

Then it was time to get dressed and wait for the other kids we were going to be trick or treating with to get ready.  This is where it got hairy.  They were BERSERK! Soooo excited!  Piper could barely stand still long enough for me to put her costume on.  And they kept getting distracted looking outside  for their friends and trick or treaters.

This was also the first year that we didn't have any grandparents or aunts/uncles going with us and the first time we were going with friends.  Usually we'd TorT for a street or two and then the kids would get tired/bored and we'd go home.  No sweat.  Not this year.  This year was my first experience of MANIC trick or treating!  AH!  Caroline and Bryce RAN from house to house with their friends.  RAN.  Piper tried to keep up so we were bringing up the end of the group with the other 2 younger kids.  I don't know where they got all that energy from but we had to keep yelling for them to stop running because they were getting too far ahead, it was getting dark, and we were having trouble keeping track of them with all the other kids around.

After about 45 minutes, Piper started wearing out and Jason had to carry her.  (Should have brought the stroller!)  She didn't want to go back with him so after another street of carrying her, I asked her if she'd want to go home with me.  She agreed to that and I put her on my back and we jogged home.  Thank goodness we did because the older kids stayed out a while longer and I had a lot of candy I needed to give out.

The kids had a bang up time and because of the intense trick or treating, they got a LOT more candy than usual.  Here are a few more photos - you can see the excitement in their faces:

She lost the magic wand within 5 minutes of being out.
He wouldn't carry his blue light saber because it wasn't the correct color for Darth!
Yeah, she was a little crazy herself.


Bracken said...

Sounds like a fabulous exciting time!

Bracken said...

I meant to type fabulous EXHAUSTING time :)

Heather said...

Wow. Fun. We have yet to actually GO trick or treating...we usually go to the middle school but that event was closed this year due to the snow. Piper looks great with black hair! Wait until I show Gretchen!

Heather said...

Oh, and I love Hermoine!!!