Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tell Me Story When You Little

We get this (verbatim) request from Piper CONSTANTLY now.  All she wants to hear are stories about everyone when they were little.  Although generally when she asks me for a story, she gives more specifics like,

"Tell me story when you little 'bout Halloween."

"Tell me story when you little 'bout snow."

"Tell me story when you little 'bout swimming."

You can see the potential here.  We went through this with Caroline too although I think Piper might be more persistent.  Plus, Piper wants to hear the same stories over and over.  And when you do tell her one, you're barely finished and she's requesting another one.  And then she'll start asking me for stories about when my parents or my ILs were little too.  So on Thursday when we saw my FIL's mom and sister, we had them tell her some stories about Big Dad to satisfy her curiosity about him as a child.

She likes to hear stories about herself too so I'll often get those questions too.  Thankfully, I have a pretty good memory of my childhood so I have lots of stories if she stirs up the right memories but quite frankly I'm running out of stories about Halloween, snow, and swimming.  And Jason, well, he barely remembers any of his childhood it seems, so she has to get a lot of her daddy stories from Nana.

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