Monday, November 28, 2011

Pilot Plans

I knew it was coming soon, cars don't live forever, after all.  It's time for us to start thinking about replacing the Passat.  It's a 2001 and now going on 11 years old.  It's been a good car and we've put a decent chunk of change into it a few times.  Jason said it's leaking a little bit of oil again and he's starting to get antsy that another big repair bill is coming our way.  We'd like to avoid having 2 car payments at once, so staggering buying them seems to be the best way to go.  Plus, let's face it, a sedan is not a great car when you have 3 kids, especially 3 kids that will be in carseats/boosters for a few more years.  In a pinch for around the town trips, we can squeeze all 3 kids back there.  The 2001 Passat is fairly narrow and with boosters/carseats, the kids aren't very happy.  And with the van now at 6 years old, we'd like to get another 4-5 years out of it but because we pretty much always have to drive the van because of space/cargo, it's really getting the miles put on it. So we'll need something that is more 3 child friendly and has more cargo room.  Also, because the Passat was a V6, it only took the expensive gas and didn't get great gas mileage, so something with better mileage for the type of car it is would be nice too.

Jason is taking the lead on this one since this will essentially be his car and it should be something he likes driving.  He came up with a few different makes/models and we looked at them together and we're pretty much decided on a Honda Pilot.  The mileage will be similar to the Passat but it will take regular gas.  I'm okay with the mileage because it's an SUV, not a car.  It's a lot bigger (obviously) but it's wider too so fitting 3 kids in the back seat shouldn't be a big deal.  But there is a third row we can use for longer trips.  And that's the other thing this car will allow - to use it on the weekend and for trips.  If the van isn't being used as heavily, getting several more years out of it should be doable.

So we took the first step on Saturday and went and test drove one.  Actually, Jason test drove, I just went along for the ride.  He's totally on board with it so now he just needs to decide how he wants to go about it.  He has a friend at work who essentially set off a bidding war online for a Honda and got a good deal, so Jason is considering that avenue instead of the typical dealer scenario.  I know he has a bunch of specific things he wants included like a roof rack too, so who knows if we'll have to order one specifically to get what we want.  All I know we don't want is a white paint job.

Who knows how long this will take but thankfully we're not in a rush to replace it which is one of the reasons we're doing this now before we HAVE to and are in a bind.  All I know is that after riding in that brand new Pilot and I got back in my van, I was grossed out.  You know, kind of like trying on pants in the store and then putting your old ones back on and realizing how worn out they are?  So I gave the van a good cleaning and vacuuming out yesterday and felt better.  Jason also started scoping out the garage to make sure we'll be able to continue getting both cars in there.  It will involve moving the deep freezer to the basement but I think we can swing it.  Man, though, we need a shed!

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Bracken said...

Love Honda and miss our Pilot so much. We have the CRV and really don't need the size of the PIlot but still love the car. Happy hunting.