Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the Way to Indoor!

Bryce finished up his regular, outdoor soccer season in early November and we figured that was it until next fall.  Jason had gotten the indoor flyer but assumed Bryce wasn't really going to be interested and didn't say anything about it to him.  Then they went to the season ending party and Bryce heard about indoor soccer for winter and was alllll ready to do it!  Given his interest, of course we'll do it.  Jason took him last night to registration and his practices will start next week and games will start after the holidays.  I was really pleased by the fact that Bryce WANTED to do this rather than just being herded into it.  It shows how much he enjoyed playing in the fall.  Because he wasn't 6 until after August 1, he still qualifies for clinic, which is good because it is all about learning and having fun.  I could tell Jason was happy about him wanting to play too.  Bryce's first reaction about playing indoor is that at least the games won't get rained out.  Of course then I told him they could be snowed out, but it's less likely than the rain.

As for Caroline, she's still saying she wants to do ice skating lessons.  I wanted to sign her up in the fall but the way the rink does the lessons the fall was the final session for skaters who had been taking lessons all year. The winter is when everything starts over and she can start as a beginner.  Who knows how this will play out, but I want to give her the chance.  Here's hoping my neighbor's daughter is still interested and maybe we can share carpooling.

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