Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Olivia with Purple Hair

On Saturday morning, Piper came down decked out in this outfit.  Her Olivia skirt, leg warmers and ballet shoes.  She also brought down her purple wig with Olivia barrettes for me to put in.  I got her all situated and she decided that it was time to dance, dance, dance!

 I asked her if I could take some pictures and she immediately agreed.  In fact, I think my photography just helped her to ham it up a little bit more.  She danced, she twirled, she pranced, she posed.

I'm not quite sure who she thought she was but it was clear she felt pretty.  She didn't even need any music, she just kept moving.

I had a laugh though when she said she needed to take the wig off because she was getting sweaty.


Bracken said...

Just too cute!!!!

Heather said...

Gretchen is going to FREAK OUT! They are kindred spirits those two!