Tuesday, November 08, 2011

MeeMaw Visit

Saturday morning we headed up to Hagerstown to visit my grandmother.  We had planned to go last weekend for the annual Mummer's Halloween parade, but because of the snow they cancelled the parade and we thought it was rescheduled for this weekend, so we just postponed our trip.  Later in the weekend we found out that the parade wasn't rescheduled, but we still decided to go since it had been a long time since I'd visited with MeeMaw.

Because the parade was cancelled, MeeMaw took it upon herself to find something fun for the kids to do.  Enter, Monkey Joe's!  Monkey Joe's is a bounce place but different than ones I've been to before.  It is much bigger and has a LOT more bouncy things plus they have open bounce all the time.  All the bounce places around here have very limited open bounce.  They have parties too so it was a bit crowded but the kids didn't seem to mind at all.  They also had two exclusive bouncy things for kids 3 and under only - Piper LOVED those.  The other thing I noticed was that it was WAY cleaner than the other bouncy places I've been to - not that the other ones I've visited have been dirty but this place was pretty clean AND they clean the bouncy things regularly.  In addition, people over 12 years old are not allowed to bounce so I think it keeps the bouncy apparatuses in much better shape!  Plus you don't have obnoxious adults and teenagers hurting the little ones.  I tried to take a lot of photos, but the older two moved too quickly or were in the bouncies so I couldn't capture them. MeeMaw seemed to get a kick out of watching them - especially when they'd kind of jump and slide fast down the slides.

And here's a photo I randomly took.  They were standing in line to get into a bouncy and they were standing so close and all touching each other.  There was just something so cute, protective and caring about it.  Caroline really looked out for Piper on several occasions.

After that, we went back to MeeMaw's for dinner.  The kids ate really well (more on our new eating plan later) and then we got them bathed and let them stay up a little later to play games with MeeMaw and Aunt Sara.  Piper, who was pretty much exhausted at this point, snuggled on MeeMaw's lap for most of the game.

We had some interesting sleeping arrangements to say the least. MeeMaw has 2 extra bedrooms with a double bed in each along with a queen air mattress.  I expected Jason and I would sleep in one bed, a kid in the other and 2 on the air mattress.  Nope.  In the end, Piper and I slept together in one room in a bed.  Bryce slept in the other room in the bed and Jason and Caroline slept on the air mattress in the same room.  None of the kids would sleep "alone" in a bedroom without a parent and they were fighting over who got to sleep on the air mattress.  Originally Jason was in the bed but the older two kids were fooling around so much he separated them.   Piper was a good little bed partner though and slept the whole night without problems although I kept waking up thinking I was going to wake her when I moved around.

Thanks to the time change we were up before 7am, had a nice breakfast (as usual at MeeMaw's!) and then headed out just after 10am.  It was a really nice visit and I love seeing how much the kids enjoy visiting her.  When I was a kid, I just loved that house and my kids really seem to love it too - I especially love that they have found all the "fun" things in the house that we liked as kids - the laundry chute, the big walk/crawl in closet, the back yard.  

Thank you MeeMaw for having us and showing us such a good time!  X O X O


Viv said...

You need to check out, Kiddie Cursoe, they have TONS to do (indoor jungle gym/climbing area, moon bounce room with 4 or 5 huge bounces, 2 Wii game rooms, a sand and water room, a little town area and a cafe to eat with cameras on all areas so you want keep an easy eye on your kid if you need to step away from them for a bit) and open bouce all the time!


Heather said...

I love MeeMaw!!! Did I hear you say new eating plan?? Tell me more!