Friday, November 04, 2011

Manly Spoons

Bryce almost always has something in his lunch bag that requires a spoon - applesauce, fruit cup, etc.  And while we'll pack him a plastic spoon if we have one, often we'll just throw in a kiddie spoon from the drawer to make do.  I'm not throwing any of our regular spoons in there for fear that it won't come home one day.  I don't pay much mind to the spoon I pack him but Jason usually throws in this weird bendy, blue and yellow dragon spoon that we used with the kids as babies.  I guess he thought Bryce liked it or something.  I'm usually careful not to throw in the Hello Kitty spoon though; oh the horrors!

Anyhow, the other day Bryce asked Jason to stop packing him that baby spoon and then asked why he can't just have a regular spoon.  We told him our concern about sending regular spoons and that we don't really have many plastic spoons and I really don't care to be using disposable ones either.  He told me that he gets embarrassed by some of the spoons we've packed him because they either look like girl spoons or baby spoons.  Sigh.  My boy is growing up!

So the next time I go to Target I'm going to buy some metal spoons just for lunches and if possible they'll be super manly.  Maybe it will have muscles or something.  I'll stay away from super heroes because he'll probably grow out of those in a year or two too.

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