Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hanging with Caroline

Jason and I both have an app on our phones called "Hanging with Friends" that we play with a variety of people.  It's kind of like hangman but with better graphics and some other little rules thrown in.  Every now and then the kids will see us playing it and ask about it.  The other day Caroline was looking at my letters and suggested a word and I realized that, hey, she might like to play.  Thankfully, the game has an option to "pass and play" so I started a game up.

I created a monster! A word monster!

She loved it!  She loves thinking up words and trying to stump me.  She loves that she is playing a game with just me.  She loves trying to guess the words I come up with for her (I usually come up with easy ones for her because while she's good at coming up with words, she's not good at guessing them yet.)

She wants to play it with me all the time!  The other night when I took the little kids to get their hair cut, she even convinced Jason to play with her.  I do enjoy it, it's just that she wants to play constantly.  The good thing about that is it serves as a good motivator for good behavior.  However, it's difficult because Bryce and Piper want to play on our phones too - just different games. At least with this game, I like that it's good for practicing her reading/spelling skills.  I haven't figured out what Angry Birds is good for yet other than wasting a lot of time.

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Bertie said...

Angry birds involves eye/hand coordination and perseverance to get all the pigs!