Friday, November 25, 2011

Glorious Friday

Up and at 'em at 6:30 again!  It doesn't matter that they were up late.  Nope.  Piper was up and then Bryce and then Caroline.  Piper quickly showed that she hadn't gotten enough sleep and melted down over and over, but I dealt with it.  Jason had already left to take the van to get an oil change at 7am so I fed the kids breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen while we waited for Jason to get home.

I was already starting to think that the day wouldn't go the usual way that it does.  Normally the day after Thanksgiving is the day we reserve for decorating indoors for Christmas.  But usually the day after Thanksgiving is a typical November day - cold and often gray.  NOT today!  It was sunny and warm!  Jason was home by 9am and was already saying how nice it was and that it would be close to 70.  Well, that changed  my plans.  To the outdoors we went!

We have lived here for 8 years and in those 8 years, I have raked once.  And quite honestly I only raked to get some leaves together to put on the garden for winter.  There just weren't that many.  Now the fact that we've never had to rake is a little odd given that our property backs up to woods.  Yes, WOODS.  Somehow the leaves just never landed (or stayed) in our yard.  Even stranger is that we used to have neighbors with leaves on both sides so you'd think they would have gotten trapped in our yard.  Our neighbor to the right took his fence down so that's not the problem.  I just don't understand.  And then in the front, our flowering pear just dropped all its leaves at one time and clearly needed a good raking.  It's never done that before, or at least the leaves never stayed around to be raked.

Nevertheless, I really didn't mind that much because I actually kind of like raking and while we did have leaves to be raked, it's not a terrible amount on a huge amount of property.  However just saying we were going to rake leaves spurred Bryce and Piper into action and they quickly got their garden tools out to "help."

Well, that's not completely true, Bryce actually DID help me.  He was quite a little helper all day.

Jason did some other yardwork and started getting the Christmas decorations down from the garage while we finished up.  Caroline finally came out when we were nearly done and jumped in a few leaves but then quickly abandoned us when her neighbor friend came out to play.

As Jason was inventorying our decorations, we decided to retire the poorly constructed lit little trees we used to put by the front door.  No matter what you did, they would not stay up if it got windy - which it's always apt to do in December.  They weren't looking so good either.  We also discovered our topiary, animated deer was broken too.  Lights were out, the motion was gone and it just wouldn't stay together.  Since Bryce was a little lonely with Caroline and Piper playing with neighbor kids, I took my little buddy to Home Depot to pick out some new decorations. Surprisingly traffic was nil and HD was fairly empty.  I guess by 12:30, all the Black Friday shoppers were in bed.

We picked out a Christmas moose and some candy cane lights and were back home lickety split.   Jason got the moose together and Bryce decided that his name would be "Bruce the Moose." (And yes, he's wearing shorts - what is this?  California?)

I think the house turned out really well - especially because I got to help and we didn't have to rush because of how warm it was.  (Frozen fingers and a chill in your bones will make you move a bit faster!)  I got all the candles in the windows and Jason got the garland around the door just right this year.  We're going to pick up a few more of those candy cane lights too to put them the full way down the sidewalk.  We're definitely going for a kid-friendly look.  My mom always had such pretty, white lights and wreaths when we were kids and while it did look really nice, I remember wanting more color.  (I was a kid, what else would I want?)  So for our house, I'm not opposed to doing some fun stuff with it.  I love that Jason is of the same opinion and is the person responsible for the illuminated penguin when Caroline was a baby.  "She'll just love it."  I remember him saying.  :)

I don't know if you can tell but there are colored lights around the garage too.  We decided NOT to put lights on that enormous bush to the left of the door.  We really need to decide what to do about it because it's soooo big now.  It's a nice bush but a little big now and too tall to get lights all the way up to the top on without risking your life.  Jason might think he's Clark Griswold but I don't need him falling off a roof.

So because we dedicated so much time to outdoor decorations today (and rightfully so!), we didn't get started on the interior until right before dinner.  Jason got the tree up and we decorated it after dinner.  I had to laugh though because for every ornament I put on, three of the kids would fall off.  They're not quite expert ornament hangers yet.  I still need to put the garland on but don't have the energy tonight.  We didn't get the kids little trees in their rooms either, but we've still got two more days for doing that.  I didn't manage to get any photos of the kids decorating either because Jason was flat out exhausted and asleep in the chair and Piper was trying to unpackage every ornament before I could get the protective wrapping back in the special boxes.  (Yes, I know, I have issues.)  I can see though that they are enjoying this ritual  more and I can see how much holiday prep excites them like it does me.

I'd say we are pretty on top of things for Christmas.  Most of my shopping for the kids and Jason is done and Jason and I have our planned family shopping day in 2 weeks where we take the day off work and enjoy it.  I'm definitely getting in the spirit this year and while I totally enjoyed the warmth today, I would like a little chill to make it feel like Christmas in the coming weeks.  I hope I don't eat my words.

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Where do you find the energy to be so productive!?!?! What is your secret???