Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoo Sunday & Sick Piper

Since we bought a zoo membership the last time we were there in the spring, we realized that in order to get our money's worth, we needed to go at least one more time.  Jason picked yesterday and what a day it was - absolutely beautiful and warm!

And like our last trip, I forgot our camera.  (Last time I remembered the camera but brought the wrong lens.)  Anyhow, all the pics I took were with my phone, so not terrible, but not great.

The kids were in great spirits and had a good time.  When we came in April, we never made it to through the Maryland exhibit due to the weather so all the turtle shells and bird nests were new to the kids this time.

I was excited that we actually got to see a polar bear swimming and playing with his ball (in all the times I've gone, I've never seen that) and we got to see all the elephants including the baby elephant! Piper liked when the baby kept rubbing his butt up against his mama! 

We brought the "real" stroller (as opposed to the umbrella one)  for Piper and I'm so glad we did.  We're clearly going to need some kind of stroller for Disney based on how she needed to ride sometimes but I also am not sure because part of the way she was acting was because she was getting sick.  She woke up with a congested sounding cough that morning but was fine otherwise.  But as the day wore on, she seemed more tired than usual and kept trying to lay down in her stroller.  (Why I was glad we had the real one since the umbrella doesn't lean back.)  When we got home, I picked her up and she said she was cold just as I noticed she felt warm.  A low grade temp, but a fever nonetheless.  So since then we've been dispensing ibuprofen to keep it down and her from being too miserable.  I'm sure it's just something viral, so we'll just have to ride it out and hope it doesn't spread.  Both Jay and I took our vitamin D to try and protect ourselves!

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