Friday, October 14, 2011

Xmas Planning

Generally by this time of year my kids already have some items on their Christmas list.  At least the list that I keep for them (thank you Google Documents!).  And while yes, they do have a running list, all the items on the list are pretty functional items - clothes, things for their room, and other general things they need.  I don't have any real *fun* stuff on their lists yet.  Last year Caroline and Piper were already talking about the dolls they wanted and Bryce was giving us ideas too.  So far the only idea I have for Bryce is some kind of Hot Wheels race car track (which I'm really not thrilled about because they are hard to set up and NEVER work like they are supposed to).  As for the girls.....nuthin'.  Now granted, I haven't really grilled them either.  But, I kind of expected to get some ideas by now.  Maybe part of the problem is I feel like they have toys coming out of their ears.  Caroline has all the Barbies and Littlest Pet Shops she can handle while Piper has soooo many baby doll items, Caroline's doll house, and a LOT of Little People.  We have like every single board game possible too. 

Not that they need to be showered with gifts, but I'd like to have something fun for them on Christmas morning - a new pink Ikea desk chair will only be exciting for a few minutes to Caroline.  But I'd also like to downsize the toys they currently have before adding anymore to the mix!  And while there are a few smaller things I think I can get rid of, for the most part, they play with what they have from time to time.

So I'm a little nervous about what Santa will be bringing this year.  Do any of you out there have definite "fun" ideas for your kids this year?  Maybe I need some inspiration.


Erin said...

We're in the same boat. I have NO ideas! Most years, I've halfway finished shopping by now!!!!

Heather said...

Two ideas, take them or leave them:

1. One year, my friend bought her kids digital cameras (simple ones--nothing too fancy/expensive) and a compass. Then after they opened their presents, they went for a hike on Christmas morning and took pictures. She said, it was the best Christmas they ever had...her kids really enjoyed it too (not just best Christmas for the parents).

2. Santa writes a note to the kids explaining that he's been watching them and they don't really use XYZ toys anymore that often...would they be willing to send those toys back to him so he can give them to needy kids and in exchange, they can tell him a few fun gifts they'd like and he would try to give them at least one of those on their lists.

Oh, one more idea just came to mind...Santa could give them something for their upcoming Disney trip....

Viv said...

Same boat here! I think we have decided on new bikes for both girls. Makenzie def needs one and while Victoria really doesn't need a new bike yet but since they are so close in age and really what else can Santa leave one sister when the other is getting a new bike? So that will be big and fun (I hope) but the rest of the gifts will be smaller toy to fill holes in stuff they already have. ANd I still need to come up with gift suggestions for both sets of Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, family friends. I don't think my girls are spoiled at all but man they have a lot of people giving them gifts at Christmas. (Plus with Makenzie just having a birthday it's harder this year than I thought it would be)

Katie said...

I haven't even thought of xmas yet. Sorry, no help here.