Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Strange Wedding Moment

One of Jason's best friends from high school got married this weekend and all in all, it was a really fun night.  It was good seeing a lot of old friends and having a night out without the kids.  (Thanks to my parents for having the kids over for the night!)  The reception was filled with a lot of dancing, drinks and laughs - a great combination!

The ceremony was at the Loyola Alumni Chapel and was conducted by the bride's great uncle who is a Catholic priest.  I've been to other Catholic weddings before so I wasn't surprised by the fact that there were scripture readings and a homily before the actual marriage part of the ceremony.  The ceremony was very traditional in that the vows and ring exchange were the typical "sickness & health" and "with this ring, I thee wed."  No problem there.  But the odd part was that after doing all the traditional rites, that was it.  The priest didn't pronounce them husband and wife.  He didn't tell the groom to kiss the bride or seal their vows with a kiss.  And then he didn't announce them to the family and friends.  It was just kind of over and they walked back down the aisle. 

I actually didn't really even notice it but felt like something was missing.  Then when we got to the reception, one of the couples we were sitting with brought it up and everyone was like "Hey, yeah!  Where was the kiss??"  In a way it made me kind of sad for the couple because the kiss and the announcement are usually one of the moments you have in your wedding album.  It's the "big" moment for a lot of couples when it becomes real. 

So of course we were all contemplating why it didn't happen.  The only other wedding I think I know of where the bride and groom didn't kiss was Prince William and Kate's wedding and that was a very traditional Anglican ceremony.  Some people wondered if it was because the priest forgot (he was pretty old and the bride made a comment once about him being forgetful) while others wondered if because he is a very conservative priest that he didn't want it in the ceremony (he said some things during the rehearsal and ceremony that made it clear he's very formal and likes to do things the way they were done a long time ago.)  Either way, who knows, but I just kind of felt like they'd gotten jipped. 

Would you feel jipped out of your first kiss as husband and wife if it didn't happen at the end of the ceremony?

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Heather said...

YES, those are my favorite wedding photos we have...the kiss and when we turn to the "audience" with HUGE smiles.