Friday, October 28, 2011

October Snow!?!?!?

They're calling for SNOW tomorrow.  Yup, snow.  WTH?  Not such a big deal if we were just staying here in the area but we are supposed to be going up to Western MD to visit my grandmother and go to the annual Halloween Mummers Parade.  I LOVED that parade as a kid and was so excited to be taking the kids for the first time.  Now we'll just have to see.

Western MD is supposed to get more snow than we are.  Of course it will be wet stuff and won't last long but sitting at a parade in the cold AND wet might not be so fun.  I talked to my grandmother this morning and she didn't seem to think they'd get anything.  We'll see.  We're still going to go no matter what but I'm planning on taking some games with us and things for the kids to do with her so we can still enjoy the evening together in case the parade doesn't happen or we decide not to go.  Or maybe we'll just go for a little bit.

In any case, I'm quite proud of myself this year in that I purchased real snow gloves/mittens for the kids AND got new snow boots for the older two.  I generally forget until it's time to go out in the snow or right before a storm in January when the winter stock is already being switched over to spring!!  Of course that means this will be the only real snow fall we get this year. Ha!  I'm just glad this is happening on a Saturday and isn't wasting a day of school already considering what they had to use already for Hurricane Irene.

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Heather said...

We have seven inches. Power lines are down blocking our driveway. Tree fell on our glass outdoor table and shattered it. Tree branches down all over the yard. Fun.