Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Life Skill

Eek!  Caroline has learned to text!  My kids LOVE to play on our phones and while we severely limit how often they get to play with them, when we go to my mom's it's common request.  So this weekend they spent the night at their house on Saturday (we had a wedding), and in that time they figured out how to use my mom's phone to take photos and videos.  That was just the beginning because on Sunday when I took Bryce and Piper to our CSA's farm day, I got a text from Caroline that said, ""  I figured that my mom had helped her do it and didn't respond right away.  Then when I finally got around to responding, I wrote back that I loved her too and my mom responded, "Um, I didn't help her send that, she figured it out herself."

And then the floodgates opened and all she wanted to do was text people.  When we got back to my mom's, she was texting my brother like crazy and then when he had to get in the car and drive over to my mom's, she started texting my sister who was at the football game.  She was all giggles when my sister sent her a photo of her and Will at the game making faces.  And then she started texting me again.  I could NOT get over the way she was typing and phrasing things.  Who knew an almost 8 year old had such skillz?  Frankly, it freaked me out a little.  (She texted me "duh" at one point.  OMG.) 

Clearly at this point her texting habit can be kept in check since she really has no one to text and she won't be getting any kind of phone for a good many years, but wow.  I can already see where we'll be in high school.  As we were talking about this new found skill, my SIL, Kelly, who is a high school teacher was telling me about how different cell phone rules are now.  Remember back in our days, if you got caught with a pager you got suspended!  But now, cell phones are allowed and you can text them between classes and during lunch, but never during class or the teacher takes it and your parents have to come and get it.  She also said that they are allowed to use them in class if they have permission to look something up.  Things have reallllllly changed, but I like that they are trying to embrace the use of them rather than fighting it.  And Kelly said it's pretty darn easy to figure out someone is texting and most kids don't want to lose their phone so they'll abide by it although there are a few kids that have figured out how to text in their pocket.  Ha!

So we'll see where we are in 5 years - clearly another thing we'll be navigating and figuring out anew since this wasn't something our parents had to deal with. 


Katie said...

I want to send Emily to a school that bans texting. Wish me luck. Ha ha ha. No texting while driving or while learning, I say! So far my girls are behind the curve on technology. They don't have DS and don't know or care about angry birds and don't text or anything and barely use our computers. They just aren't interested in it yet, but I know the tide will be turning on that and I know the younger ones will pick it up even earlier. Times really are a changing, huh? I do think it is impressive that C has figured it out already. Wow. OMG, indeed!

Erika said...

Yeah, up until this weekend our phones were just Angry Birds and matching games. Caroline changed that!

And yeah, we're kind of anti-DS in our house too and computer time is very limited and they mostly play on websites from school. So they are probably less connected than the average kid yet it's amazing how quickly they pick things up.

I can't imagine teaching middle/high school with the whole cell phone thing looming. My brother and his wife teach at a lower-middle class school and they said that EVERY kid has a phone. EVERY KID. And many have smart phones, which kind of blows my mind. What will be the norm when my kids are teenagers???