Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Learning the Ropes

While Bryce continues to be fairly unfazed by kindergarten, he has had his share of the kindergarten behavior learning curve.  Much like Caroline did her first month or so, in September he would often come home with a yellow or "2nd" yellow on his behavior chart.  Yellow is a warning type whereas "2nd yellow" is more serious and they have to complete a reflection activity that the parents have to sign.  The next step down is red which Bryce hasn't been on (yet).  The 2 times he was on 2nd yellow were issues where he couldn't keep his hands to himself.  In both cases they were playful issues so nothing of true concern, but still not appropriate.  Both issues happened within a week of one another and I was getting a little worried.  And on top of that, all his yellow days tended to be a result of his talking.

Both the talking and keeping his hands to himself are issues we deal with at home, so no real surprises.  And Ms. R said that she has a rather chatty class this year and given that Bryce is MR. CHATTY, I knew this would be a hard one for him. 

But, here we are in October and he's only had one yellow so far.  (Watch him come home with a problem today now thanks to the blog curse.)  He's really seeming to make an effort and is quite proud to tell me that he stayed on green all day or perhaps he went down to yellow for a bit but earned himself back up to green again.  We went though this almost exactly with Caroline too.  Of course with Caroline I was considerably more freaked out than I was with Bryce.  I guess that's the nice thing about having been through it before - you realize they just need some time to adjust.

However, I know Bryce isn't perfect.  I know that he will not have green every day - we just expect that he tries his best every day and tries to learn from his mistakes.  He was so proud of himself last week because his good behavior earned him some reward tickets.  They have a school wide program for earning tickets by doing different good things around school and if you earn 5 you get to go shopping.  Bryce earned 5 and got to go shopping for the first time and was so excited to pick out a pencil sharpener that looks like a trash can for his new desk.  (Oh how I love pencil shavings all over a bedroom.....)  But he was proud of himself and that is what is most important.

As for Ms. R, she pulled me aside one day last week when I picked Bryce up to say what a kick she gets out of some of the stuff Bryce says.  She says she feels like she's talking to an adult sometimes with him (which we've heard from other people before too.)  Of course as she's standing there telling me this, the busy-body, loud mouthed teaching assistant comes over and says, "Does Bryce ever stop talking?"  I smiled and said, "No, he talks from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night."  To which she responded, "Well, we're ready to put in ear plugs." 

Before I could even say anything, Ms. R says (in her sweet, relaxed voice), "No, we wouldn't want to do that.  We might miss something."  And then rubbed Bryce's fuzzy head and smiled. 

And that's why I love her.  She clearly loves kindergartners no matter how squirrelly or rambunctious they can be.  Clearly she's suited well for her position.  I hope Piper will be lucky enough to have her.  (Who knows what kind of stuff Piper will be doing in kindergarten based on the fact that she never seems to do the same things her siblings did!)


Unknown said...

Wow, that was really rude of the teacher's assistant. Not to mention unprofessional.

Heather said...

I can't believe the teacher's assistant said that!! How does Bryce feel about this lady? My concern is for how she treats him....he's such a cutie...I'm mad at that teacher's assistant. GRR.

Erika said...

She is Ms. R's new assistant. She had a really nice lady for the past few years. Ms. B (the assistant) is probably in her mid-60's and is the "old lady" type. You know, too much makeup, bright pink lipstick, loud mouthed, etc. From the times I've seen her with the kids, she's the overly opinionated type. Bryce doesn't seem to even notice her, to be honest. She's got such a loud voice she sounds like she's squawking all the time. Quite the opposite of Ms. R. And my impression from Ms. R when Ms. B made that comment was that perhaps she wasn't thrilled with having Ms. B on her service.

Heather said...

Hmmm...just keep an eye on it...I've seen those types and I cringe when the open their mouths to talk to the kids....sigh. there are other jobs they could do that have nothing to do with kids....