Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween is Coming

For once, I got on the ball with Halloween.  All 3 kids had costumes picked out and ordered early in the month!  Caroline will be a blond Hermione Granger.  Bryce will be Darth Vader.  And Miss Piper will be none other than Snow White - complete with wig!!!  (She looks hilariously cute in it.) 

There are tentative plans to attend Trunk or Treat at my mom's church on 10/23 and then on Halloween the kids will have a costume party at school and then the regular trick or treating that night.  (Boo hiss to a week night Halloween!)  We'll also be going up to visit my grandmother for a night to attend the annual Mummers Halloween parade that I always went to as a kid, but I don't think the kids will be dressing up for that.

The only things I have left to do is figure out a tie/scarf for Caroline to wear as Hermione (didn't want to buy an expensive one online) and get candy to give out at the door.  And we all know that Halloween is the beginning of the slippery slope to the holidays so I'm trying to start getting Christmas lists together too.  Now shopping, well, it's never been my style to start shopping early.  I think I just can't stand the thought of having to store gifts for so long in advance. 

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