Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bed Update

The beds arrived yesterday!  I felt happy and a little sad about it.  Happy because they are great but a little sad because it meant that Piper's room wasn't ready yet for one and that we'd be getting rid of my childhood bed. However, I was mostly happy and pleased with the purchase.  Yes, Costco furniture IS that good!  Jason commented on how heavy the wood was (oak).

He put Caroline's together without incident and she was thrilled.  Her bed is now quiet - her old one was very squeaky!  I know, I was clearly torturing my child.  The old bed required a box spring which is why it was so noisy, but this new set does not. 

It just looks so nice in her room.  Her foot board is higher which means all of her stuffed animals stay on the end of the bed.  And now that there's not an ugly piece of the bed frame showing, we don't need a dust ruffle anymore which was just getting dirty/dusty and in the way. 

I'm going to start removing the wallpaper border in Piper's room this weekend so we can paint the following weekend.  Since we'll be leaving the wainscoting up it shouldn't take long at all and then we can put up her new border.  We'll also need to get her a twin mattress and I'm debating whether or not to go ahead and get her a new comforter set or just make do with what we have until she can get one as a Christmas gift.  I'll be sad to take the old rocker glider out of her room though.  There just won't be room anymore and now that we'll be able to lay in her bed with her, we can read our bedtime books there instead of in the rocker.  I'm going to move the rocker to my room though so it will still be around when someone needs to be rocked.  To think of the "miles" I've logged on that thing the past 8 years.  Just crazy!  Times when I was barely awake myself - I know I fed the kids in that chair many a times in the middle of the night in a fairly unconscious state. 

But it's a baby's room no more.  My baby is getting so big and tells me that all the time. 

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