Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 3rd Child's Speech

Piper has been going to speech sessions with the SLP at Caroline and Bryce's school 3 times a month since school started.  She has decided that she really likes Ms. Patty as opposed to how she felt about the SLP, Ms. Kate, that came to our house last year.  (I didn't see any problem with Ms. Kate but Piper just didn't like her for some reason - I think maybe because she forced a few issues with Piper and Piper did NOT take that well.)

Piper loves that she gets to go to school at C and B's school and enjoys all the games and toys that Ms. Patty has in her office.  She's doing really well.  So well, in fact, I keep waiting to hear that she's "graduated" speech.  All of a sudden, Piper is starting to be able to say "S" and "F" words.  Just a few weeks ago, she called our friend Sophia, "O-eeya" and now she can say it correctly.  And when you ask her to concentrate on one word, she can say it correctly with 70% accuracy (that's the SLP's statistic, not mine - I am not micromanaging like that!).  However, she still has trouble when she's stringing words together to a sentence and that is when it can still be hard to understand her. 

The other thing I've noticed is that some of Piper's grammar isn't as good as I would expect it to be and I think it's because she has gotten into bad habits when she couldn't say certain words and then compensated by leaving out words and putting them in an odd order.

For example, last night she came into the kitchen and asked "What have dinner?"  instead of asking "What are we having for dinner?"  I know that eventually she will catch up as we obviously don't speak like cavemen in our house, but it's kind of funny how I don't even notice it half the time.  She also sometimes speaks like Yoda.  Instead of saying "Maybe we'll go for a walk" she'll say, "We'll go for a walk......maybe."  She'll do the same thing with putting yes or no at the end of a sentence like that too.  Personally, I think this is one of the cutest things she does and don't want to completely break that habit just yet! 

With her speech improving, she's finally gotten over the hump of counting.  I couldn't figure how why she didn't know how to count to ten and then it dawned on me - because she can't say the words.  There are a bunch of S and F numbers!  Last night she counted to 12 as fast as lightning!  Where did that come from?  And she's also finally singing her version of the alphabet; yet another thing that has been hampered by her speech difficulties.  

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