Thursday, September 08, 2011


Ms. R won't start her official behavior plan for kindergarten until Monday (where she reports it home daily) but last Friday and this week she's been practicing with the kids.  I wasn't exactly shocked though when Bryce told me that he'd been moved down to yellow twice already.  The kicker is that he doesn't remember why or so he says.  When you ask him about it he acts all surprised and confused as to why he'd be moved down to yellow. And much like last year, he'd tell us that it wasn't his fault.  Clearly, we know Bryce better than he knows himself. 

So I sent Ms. R an email and she responded very thoughtfully.  She explained that Bryce has had some trouble keeping his hands to himself in a playful way.  Shocker.  Bryce is my child that is constantly touching someone.  All.the.time.  He's just a touchy-feely kid.  So clearly something we need to continue working on at home and reinforcing.  Ms. R also said that she'd talked to Bryce clearly about keeping his hands to himself. 

Last night when I told him that I'd talked to Ms. R and she told us what happened, he got a little defensive and offered a little more of an explanation (without prompting) which tells me that he DOES remember what happened.   Ugh! Bryce!  Now we're working on talking about hands to yourself and about telling the full truth.  We don't jump all over him when he gets a yellow, we talk about what he could do differently.

I don't expect him to be perfect, by any means, and I fully expect that kindergarten will have its mix of yellows and maybe even a red.  Caroline had them too.  She learned and so will he.  I just need to make sure I understand what he did in order to be able to help him.  Hopefully, he will get better at conveying that to us.

Typical Bryce, he's a talker but clams up when it comes to telling us the things that really matter.  In fact his teacher's aid, Ms. B asked my MIL if Bryce talked a lot at home because he'd done a lot of talking that day.  Bryce a talker?  You think?

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Heather said...

Is he using his hands aggressively? Hands are Not for Hurting is a great book for kids...there is a whole series of them I use at work with kindergarteners.