Monday, September 19, 2011


Bryce has been in kindergarten now for almost 3 weeks.  Other than knowing it, you wouldn't even realize it.  He's just completely unaffected by it all.  I remember with Caroline noticing she seemed more tired and that she'd changed a little somehow.  Bryce, nope.  He's the same old kid that was before he started kindergarten.

With Caroline, the first few weeks were tough for drop offs.  Not terrible, but she'd get a little teary and would always want my mom or MIL to come in with her to put her stuff in her cubby.  Not Bryce - the kid just goes in and barely says good bye. 

We ask him about school every night and he's just so nonchalant about it.   He'll talk about kids in his class and things they did.  He'll tell us how his behavior was good (or not so good).  And while he'll get defensive about his behavior when he's been moved down to yellow, for the most part he just resorts to his old tricks of it always being another kid's fault or not really remembering why he got in trouble.  (We're working on this!) 

It's just funny how different kids can be.  Bryce was a little nervous on the first day but other than that it's been a breeze.  I'm thinking that waiting the extra year to send him to kindergarten was clearly the best thing we did.  He was completely ready and given a few of the minor-ish behavior issues we've had, it would have been way too much a year ago!

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Unknown said...

I truly think boys are just more laid back. My daughters are diva-ish and my son is full go with the flow kinda guy.