Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer Game

Bryce had his first soccer game tonight.  He's been practicing for about a month now but this was his first game.  My parents and Jason's parents all came to witness the occasion.  Bryce is doing the 4-6 year old clinic so it's a lot of watching kids run around after the ball, but they're learning and having a good time and that's all that matters.  Here he is warming up: (not many kids had gotten there yet)

All charged up and ready to go:

Bryce throwing the ball in - Jason was so proud of how well he did -they'd never really practiced it:

At some point in the 2nd half, Bryce got put in as the goalie.  This is Bryce's dream come true - to be just like Jason!  He actually did pretty well and had several saves!  Here he is as the team/ball/crowd of kids is approaching.  Don't you love the pose?

Ready to receive the ball - Jason told him later it was okay for him to come out a little and get it:

His team ended up winning 5-0.  Jason said he was surprised how well the team played given what he's seen in practice.  Clearly the game got them in a different mindset.  Bryce kept remarking that his team had "5 scores!"  Goals, Brycey, goals.


Katie said...

AWESOME! Go Bryce! Now get the girls on a team. ;-) (P.S. It must be so nice to have both sets of grandparents attend these things. I can't imagine that ever happening for my kids. Lucky.)

Erika said...

Piper, possibly. Caroline, NEVER. Sports are completely contrary to who she is. She gets mad that she even has to go to Bryce's games. I think she came by it genetically though, so I can't fault her for it.