Monday, September 05, 2011


Oh what a Sunday morning we had yesterday.  We got moving early so I could get out of the house and to Costco as soon as it opened so that we could go to my IL's for the rest of the day.  I got back at 11am and Jason sent the kids up to get dressed.  We were both standing in the kitchen when Bryce let out this horrible, blood curdling scream.  Jason got up the steps faster than I've ever seen and figured out what was going on before I even made it to the bottom of the steps.

There was Bryce, standing outside Piper's room, with his pinky finger stuck in the hinge.  The door was locked.  Piper had slammed the door as Bryce's finger was in the wrong place and then proceeded to lock it.  Jason was a bit panicked, started yelling for Piper to unlock the door and was fumbling on top of the door frame for one of the keys to unlock it.  Meanwhile, Bryce is shrieking.  I got up to the top of the steps as Jason continued  to try and find a key (I know they were there but when you're panicked it's hard to find them).  I banged on the door again and yelled for Piper to open the door.  Bryce continued screaming (as would I)!  Finally, as Jason was still yelling and trying to find a key, Piper unlocked the door and I opened it.

Jason grabbed Bryce - his finger was as flat as a pancake.  OMG.  I told him to hold his hand over his head to keep it from throbbing as much.  He yelled that I needed to take him to the ER, so I ran downstairs and got things together while Jason put Bryce in the car.  Piper just stayed in her room and cried. At that point, Bryce wasn't crying but was shaking.  I gave him a dose of ibuprofen and put his finger on an ice pack and we took off for the hospital.

Once again, I only have nice things to say about the pediatric ER at our local hospital.  We saw a PA who wanted to have his finger x-rayed.  Thankfully his finger wasn't really bleeding but it was swollen and no longer flat.  Jason kept sending me concerned texts and my mom found out about what was going on and decided to come up and join us because Bryce wanted her to.  Thankfully, it didn't take long to get the x-ray and to have the radiologist determine there was no fracture.  The PA put a splint on it and told us to take it off the next day and get him to start wiggling it to get the range of motion back.

By that point, Bryce was feeling better.  I think the ibuprofen had kicked in and the throbbing had lessened.  He really seemed to take it all in stride and was so calm and serene as he was examined and interviewed by the PA and nurses.  (Very much like he was in April when he had the amoxicillan rash.)  We came home and decided to go up to my IL's anyway and had a nice evening spending time with them.

His splint fell off over night and he's been wiggling it this morning although it's swollen and he can't bend it the whole way.  Hopefully he'll be fine in a few days.  Piper was very sorry for what happened and told Jason "it was an accident."  You can guess we've had a bunch of discussions about our door slamming problem too.  And wouldn't you know that when we got home from my IL's Bryce had the nerve to run upstairs after Caroline, turn out her light and try and slam her door closed.  Seriously, will they ever learn????

It's interesting to me how many of these ER trips I've made to date with Bryce.


Heather said...

Oh my God! Time to take the locks off the kids doors...I remember when I did something similar to my sister...and that very night my mom was installing new door knobs without locks!

Laura said...

Wow, so glad he's okay! You and Jason seemed to handle it so well...I don't know that I could have been as calm. I don't know that I would have thought to have him hold his hand over his head, or to give him ibuprofen. I fear I'll panic when I'm faced with emergency room scenarios, and I know that's not a good response.

Anyway, I'm glad he's okay, and kudos to Bryce for handling it so well, too.

Erika said...

You'll rise to the occasion, Laura (although I hope you don't have to!). Jason was NOT calm when it happened and I was shaking a bit seeing the flat finger. Once we got to the ER though, I was fine - maybe b/c I've been there so many times? LOL!