Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sleepover Lessons

On Saturday evening, Caroline had her first official friend over for a sleepover - our neighbor, Sophia.  Caroline has been to Sophia's twice to spend the night (once with just her and another time with Sophia's cousin and one other girl).  Caroline ADORES Sophia.  Adores her.  She is a really nice little girl who is fairly quiet and very polite. No problems there!  We also know her parents pretty well and also like them a lot so there is a lot of trust there and no worries as far as things going on at one another's homes. 

It kind of happened spur of the moment and I'm glad it did because instead of Caroline knowing in advance and freaking out ahead of time (in a happy, super excited way), she only freaked out for 30 minutes.  To say she was excited is a huge understatement. 

All in all, it all worked out fine.  The problems I anticipated happened but Sophia wasn't to blame - it was the nature of having another child over for one kid and the siblings not knowing how to handle it.  Bryce and Piper both love Sophia too but understanding that Sophia was there to play with Caroline was tough.  The girls did include Piper some, but Bryce was clearly the odd man out.  Sophia didn't come over until after 8pm so we didn't have too many issues at bedtime.  I had to get Piper to sleep first and then Bryce and THEN the girls.  It was like 10:30 before all 4 of them were asleep.  And then I had a hard time sleeping just waiting for someone to wake up and then wake up everyone else.  They were all up at 7am, as were we.

That's when the main problems started.  Caroline and Sophia wanted alone time but Bryce didn't understand why he wasn't included. (He insists when he has his first sleepover he will let Caroline in - I told him I doubted Caroline would be the least bit interested.)   So it was up to Jason and I to try and keep him occupied so he wasn't bugging them and causing problems.  Piper was included in some of their play, thankfully, but because she was tired, she was a bit grumpy.  However, Caroline and Sophia ended up going up to Sophia's house to play for a bit so that gave me a little break in terms of keeping Bryce and Piper out of their business. 

Caroline is still learning about the nuances of having friends over - not to leave them at the table while the friend is still eating.  Not just assuming they can do anything she wants to do.  Just general things you learn as you grow up when you are entertaining your guests.  I guess the only real problem we had was that Caroline asked Sophia to bring her Nintendo DS with her.  My kids don't have a DS so Sophia's is a real treat for them and I had to remind Caroline that she invited Sophia over and NOT her DS.  (That's a whole other post...)

I don't plan on making this a regular thing even though Caroline said she wishes she and Sophia could have sleepovers every weekend.  Ha! 


Katie said...

We have similar problems on playdates too. It is tough. We did one sleepover with cousin Colleen a few weeks ago and they will be few and far between. I don't like the sleep "hangovers" they cause the next day. Does Sophia have any siblings?

Erika said...

Yes, Sophia has a little sister, Ella, but she won't be 2 until November. There's a 5 year age difference. Piper LOVES Ella but clearly Ella is still too young to really play yet. I see a friendship in the future for the 2 of them though.

Bryce has 2 buddies in the neighborhood too, thankfully.