Sunday, September 25, 2011

Princess Show Off

Piper loves Snow White!  Loves her.  In fact, she'll be going as Snow White this year for Halloween.  She loves the songs from the movie too, especially "Someday My Prince Will Come."  And for some reason she thinks singing it is a good way to impress people.  Whenever she'll be around someone that she clearly wants to show off for, she'll kind of close her eyes and start singing a high pitched version of "Someday..."

She did it the other day when her friend Allie was over and she did it at a restaurant recently.  But the funniest was when we were in Caroline's classroom for Back to School Night and there were other kids around that clearly she felt the need to impress.  She had been sitting on my lap when all of a sudden she stood up and started singing that song.  She even added a few twirls.

Most kids kind of just look at her and think she's strange when she does it because it's not completely obvious what she's singing.  I mean, it's not exactly one of the best known Disney songs.  She also doesn't have perfect pitch and with singing it on such a high octave its a little different than the original.  But when she sings it, she thinks she's beautiful and a princess and the expression on her face is priceless so it's pretty darn cute.  Not sure if it's getting the response she is hoping for but it certainly gets her attention.

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