Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Friends = BORING!

While I've enjoyed having the kids make friends with so many other kids in the neighborhood this past year, it definitely has its drawbacks.  We have 3 different families that we see on a regular basis with kids of varying ages and genders and when they all get together it's super fun.  However, when no other kids are home, my kids are miserable.  And when I say miserable, I really mean that I am miserable.  Or rather the kids make me miserable. 

Here's a typical scenario: 

During dinner, the kids start asking if they can go out and play with Sophia/Allie & Joey/Shane after dinner.  If the weather is nice, we'll tell them yes.  But as soon as they are done (well before us), they'll start badgering us.  Finally, dinner is cleaned up and we let them go and see if their friends can play.  Most times it works out, but some nights either the kids aren't home or they can't come out.

Dreams are crushed!  They mope back home to report and then they whine.  "We're so bored.  What are we supposed to do?"  Over and over and over and over.  Why they can't just play with each other, I don't understand!  I ask them what they want me to do - I can't make their friends come home or come out!  They never have an answer to that.  Usually they end up getting into something they aren't supposed to or fighting.  It really is joyous.

It's like the introduction of new kids into their world has taken away their ability to play with one another.  Now they aren't good enough.  Caroline is the worst with this especially since she's deemed that Sophia is her best friend.  All we ever hear about is Sophia.  (And I like Sophia!) 

I know that as they get older they will want to play with friends - I get that.  I'm just frustrated with how bummed they get when friends aren't around.  The proclamation of boredom is rather aggravating too.  We're such terrible parents that we can't make their friends materialize for them whenever they want.

The last time Sophia couldn't come out because she was eating dinner (and then took too long to come out when she was done), Caroline was so irritable.  I told her that then the next time she sees Sophia's mom that she should tell her that she should make Sophia eat her dinner faster so Sophia can come out.  I think Caroline realized how ridiculous that was but she was still upset she didn't get to spend any time with her friend. 

I'm also realizing that the cold, yucky months are ahead and how much they'll be missing their friends.  Hopefully we're not in for a difficult winter.

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Bracken said...

I so hear you. Sydney is very similar.