Friday, September 30, 2011

New Beds

Caroline's bedroom has all the furniture I had growing up.  The dresser and desk are white and are in pretty good shape although a couple of the drawers could use some repair.  The bed, however, while it was mine it was also...wait for DAD'S!  Yep, growing up, my dad and his brother had the same bed frames that my sister and I used.  They were painted white for us and then I painted them again before Caroline was born.

Piper has the same dresser all the kids used in the nursery and a toddler bed we bought last year to transition her out of the crib when she learned to climb out.

Well, the time has come for new beds!  I keep worrying that Caroline's is going to fall apart and Piper is outgrowing her toddler bed.  (At least that is one of my theories about why she wakes up so often in the night - she's banging into the bed and her legs fall off.)

I did a little searching and found this set on on sale!

It's a bunk bed set but the beds can be set up separately as twin beds.  There aren't any plans to have the girls in the same room at this point, but we now have the possibility of doing so, although I think both girls would like the option if we gave it to them.

I ordered them today and it should be 3-4 weeks before they are delivered, which will be perfect for our timeline of getting Piper's room repainted and ready.  She'll need a new mattress, sheets, and bed set too but that might be able to wait until Christmas for something extra special.

I still want to get Piper a new dresser but that can wait a little while longer.  Costco has some really cute dressers and we have my sister's desk (same as Caroline's) in the basement that just needs to be cleaned up that will match since it's white also.


Bracken said...

Love it!

Viv said...

How funny that the beds shown from have the Happy Flower bedding from the Circo line sold at Target!

Viv said...

And Ikea toys!