Monday, September 26, 2011

Flight? Check!

We had dinner at my mom's last night and in addition to just wanting to spend the afternoon/evening together, part of the reason we got together was to do some more planning for our Disney trip.  The trip was booked a month ago but we had yet to book the airfare and we needed to talk about where we want to eat. 

I know, I know, our trip is just over 6 months away.  But, because we're going at Spring Break, it's one of the busiest times down there and airfare just isn't going to go down in price by much.  We saw a fare on Air Tran that was somewhat reasonable and got us to Orlando fairly early and left late enough to have a decent amount of time in the park on the final day, so we booked!  Still NOT cheap, but better than other options.  (Southwest, what gives?)  And another exciting part of all being together, we will all be on the same flight, so along with the 5 of us, my parents and Kevin/Kelly will be with us too - talk about adding to the excitement for the kids!  The only snag is that Kevin/Kelly booked last and there were no more seats at the price we paid for the flight down, so they had to pay $50 extra a ticket.  At least the flight back was the same price as we got.  My dad suggested maybe calling Air Tran and dickering with them about it, but no idea if Kevin will or not. 

We're just excited that we'll all be down there by 12:30 on the day we arrive and won't be leaving until 5pm on the day we depart.  So our definite plans are to spend the first late afternoon/evening in the Magic Kingdom - there will be an Electric Light Parade that night which is especially exciting for Kevin and I since we loved it so much as kids and listened to the tape of it over and over growing up.  I can't wait to experience it with our kids.

In addition to our planning, with our 6 month countdown looming, we can begin making our Advanced Dinner Reservations when we are 180 days away from the first day of our trip.  I've got a whole list of places I'm interested in and while we won't be dining together as a group the entire time, there are places I know we'll want to book for all of us.  One thing I need to figure out though is that I know I want to do the Princess Meal in Norway for Piper.  Bryce and Caroline have ZERO interest in anything princess related, so I hope we'll be able to schedule it so that we get to do that with Piper - she loves Snow White so much.  I've already got the Disney Parks app downloaded on my phone (along with Touring Plans) so that we can figure out where to see Snow White.  Piper is planning to wear her Snow White costume to the park already - now that will be an adventure in cuteness.


Katie said...

We are flying SW, b/c we had skymiles to redeem and we just felt more comfy flying with them for various reasons. Binnie is going with airtran.

Erika said...

I fully expected to be flying SW, but when the fares kept coming back at over $100 more a person (eek!) AirTran was looking pretty good. The flight down isn't directed (through Charlotte) but I'm okay with that. The flight back is non-stop though. It's amazing the difference in fares.

Katie said...

Air Tran was definitely cheaper.