Monday, September 05, 2011

First Days of School

Well, thanks to Hurricane Irene, Caroline and Bryce's district didn't open for the first day of school until Wednesday.  But because of the gradual kindergarten entry schedule, that meant Bryce didn't have school until Thursday.  So, we got Caroline all ready for school on Tuesday night once we heard they were opening and she was set.   She was all excited to wear the new outfit I'd gotten her - a plaid tunic top and, gag, jeggings. (I don't hate the actual jeggings, I just HATE that they're called "jeggings.")  She even set her alarm extra early so she would be up in time for me to braid her hair before I left.

I usually take her to school on the first day myself but because I'd missed 2 days of work due to the power being out and I had an important meeting that day, I needed to get to work on time.  But my MIL delivered her without issue - in fact, Caroline was counting the seconds until she could leave.  She had a great first day and seems to like her class and her teacher.

Then on Thursday we did it all again for Bryce.  It was only a half day but still a real day in that he went in at the normal time but only half the class would be there.  They also asked parents to stay the first half hour or so to get the kids acclimated and fill out some more paperwork.  Bryce, I could tell, was a little anxious but mostly okay.

We dropped Caroline off at her class and then went down to Ms. R's room.  I could tell Bryce was a little tentative as he was quiet and just observing everything.  We sat down at his seat and I filled out paperwork while he just sat there since he chose not to have any of the breakfast goodies they had for the kids.  I finished up and Ms. R had all the kids go and sit on the rug. She said the parents could leave and I gave him a hug - again he was okay, just a little quiet.  At this point I wanted to cry, that's my baby boy!  I knew he'd be fine, it was just bittersweet.

I talked to him as soon as he got home and he'd had a great first day.  The next day, his first whole day was Friday and he did fine for that too.  He liked having lunch and having specials, just like Caroline.  In fact, dinner conversation on Friday night was dominated by Caroline and Bryce talking about all things at their school - teachers, kids, lunch, etc.  It's kind of funny now that they're both at the same school they have so much more in common.  These past 2 years, Bryce has been listening to all of Caroline's stories and finding out how things worked in elementary school and now he's a part of it.

Of course Bryce did get his pin moved down to yellow at one point on Friday and had to spend 5 minutes on the wall during recess.  He didn't seem the least bit bothered by it and when we asked him why he was moved down to yellow he had NO clue.  As usual!  We've quizzed him multiple times and he never seems to know.  But this isn't a surprise because it was the same way last year too when he'd tell us he was put in time out.  I'll be sure to let Ms. R know that he has an issue with this so that maybe she'll be sure to make it very clear to him why he's being moved off of the green circle.  Sigh.  Typical Bryce - the first time Caroline got moved down to yellow, I kind of freaked but now that I've been there, done that, it's easier to take it in stride and know that being moved down to yellow from time to time is to be expect.  He's got to learn the kindergarten ropes.

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