Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few Minutes with Piper

I decided to try and get Piper to sing "Someday My Prince Will Come" so I could video it and the only way she would do it is if I told her it was for Gretchen. So Heather, make sure Gretchen gets to see it. I was only supposed to be of her singing but then she kept talking and doing funny little things so I kept recording. She was cooking for me and kept wiggling and dancing around the whole time just being typical Piper. I like how at the end you see her start to wiggle and off she goes to the bathroom. YAY Piper!


Bracken said...

She is such a ham. Love it!

Heather said...

Dear Piper,
I want to come to your house and play with you! I like to sing and dance and cook too! I like your movie. I like playing with you. I like playing with my brother, Louie too. Say "hi" to Caroline and Bryce.

See you soon!
Your friend,