Friday, September 02, 2011

Desk Time

We've been saying we'd get Bryce a desk for a long time now.  His bed and dresser are the Young America line by Stanley Furniture which used to be sold by Lauman's when they were still open.  Now the nearest places selling it are clear across town.  We'd always said that we'd get him the matching desk to his set but we started to question it when we saw the price....for JUST the desk, not the hutch or chair.  Egads.  So I started looking - Ikea doesn't have much in the way of desks for kids that are natural wood colored.  Target had one but at over $600, I might as well pay a few hundred more and get the Young America one.  Finally, gulp, I looked at and found this:

It's a combined desk/hutch and while not cheap, it's less than half what we'd pay for the Young America version.  And as Jason asked, "Do you really want to spend that much on a desk - where he'll be writing and coloring at this age?"  It's being shipped to the least offensive Walmart near us and it should be here in a few weeks.  We'll probably just get him a chair at Ikea and I assured Bryce that it will not look girly like they make it look in this photo. 

We'll have to rearrange his room significantly to fit it in but then, we also have to fix the carpet padding and finish the repainting from the leak issues we had earlier this summer.  Caroline's always had a desk since she inherited my childhood set so I know Bryce will like having his desk now that he's in kindergarten and has homework. 

How much do you want to bet Piper will be making her requests soon?


Katie said...

Cool. We got a cheapo Target desk for Emily. It's all good.

Erika said...

I wanted Target too, but aside from the $600 one, they didn't have any natural colored wood ones that were what we needed. I wish Costco had more natural wood selections - theirs are all white or dark wood.

Erika said...

P.S - Katie, I will probably be going with a Costco set for Piper. I love their white sets!

Erin said...

"least offensive Walmart near us" Literally LOLed at this. ;)